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Terrence Wall

President and CEO

Terrence Wall

Terrence Wall is the President and CEO of the T. Wall companies that specialize in development of office, multi-family, and neighborhood communities. Wall received his B.A. in Economics and M.S. in Real Estate Investment and Appraisal from the Wisconsin School of Business.

Wall developed the largest office portfolio in Wisconsin, previously taught at the University of Wisconsin Madison School of Business, and completed numerous philanthropic works. Mr. Wall has been honored as a leader in green development, and is the only developer to receive the Governor’s Award for Excellence in Energy Efficiency. Mr. Wall is also a licensed broker and serves on the Chicago Federal Reserve Bank’s Wisconsin Economic Roundtable.

Erica Koch

Vice President of Operations

Taylor Brengel

Executive VP & General Counsel

Scott Tebon

Director of Construction

Helen Wall

Director of Investment Relations

Justin Reddeman

Director of Finance

Holly Guskey

Director of Property Management

Eric Blom

Investment Capital

Mitchell Herl

Financial Analyst

Jake Bunz

Development Analyst

Nick Patterson

Development Analyst

Madeline Wall

Development Analyst


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Mission Statement
Mission Statement

Mission Statement

We pride ourselves in being a long-term developer, owner, and manager who is dedicated to providing quality services for quality residents.

Company History
Company History

Company History

Our team is a local, well-known, multi-family developer with 30 years of experience. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality living environments to the residents of our apartment communities. We currently have 1250 units in operation and over 320 currently being developed. Terrence Wall and his team are excited to continue growing greater Madison’s luxury apartment market. Our development approach involves using only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, offering state-of-the-art amenities and providing 24-hour maintenance.



Terrence Wall has previously raised donations for and developed the Dane County Children’s Zoo Carousel Building, Boy Scouts, Glacier’s Edge Council Office and Store and the John Wall Family Pavilion at Tenney Park. He has also been a major donor to Edgewood High School, American Family Children’s Hospital, James A. Graaskamp Real Estate Center, Congress Park, High Crossing Park, Madison Central Library, Madison Children’s Museum, Middleton’s Soccer Field, Asset Builders of America, and Domestic Abuse Intervention Services.



T. Wall Enterprises has been honored with many awards throughout the years. Here are a few we’d like to share.

Clean Lakes Alliance – Dane County, WI

For partnering with Dane County and the Clean Lakes Alliance, an organization devoted to improving the water quality of the lakes, streams, and wetlands of the Yahara River watershed. With the help of Clean Lakes Alliance, T. Wall Enterprises has worked to preserve and improve water through environmentally conscience development practices, specifically by building additional stormwater detention ponds to prevent minerals and phosphates from entering Dorn Creek and the Yahara River Watershed.

Renewable Energy Recognition from the Mayor and Common Council – Madison, WI

T. Wall Enterprises is honored to be the first developer of a multi-family property to receive this recognition.

One of our properties, Veritas Village has completed one of the largest solar installations in the state of Wisconsin for a multi-family property. The 187kWdc solar array of 704 panels will offset 65% of the common area electrical requirement at Veritas Village, a 189-unit multi-family development on N. Livingston Street.

In addition, T. Wall Enterprises has contracted with SunPeak to complete 5 additional solar installations — for a total of 1,892 more solar panels on other existing developments. These developments include: Wingra Point Residence in Madison, WI; Tribeca Village 1 and Tribeca Village 3 in Middleton, WI; Middleton Center 1 and Middleton Center 3, in Middleton, WI.

Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce – Madison, WI

Received the Wisconsin Business Friend of the Environment – Environmental Stewardship Award for landscape conservation, energy efficiency measures, an efficient use of construction materials, water conservation, and recycling measures.

Governor’s Award in Energy Efficiency – Madison, WI

For being the first and only development company to ever receive the award. This award recognizes outstanding efforts towards being environmentally conscience.

Madison Gas & Electric – Madison, WI

For becoming the beta test site for installing electric car charging stations in multi-family properties, making it the first apartment building to include car chargers in the entire Midwest.

Veritas Village LLC – Madison, WI

For featuring the largest solar panel usage on a multi-family building in the state of Wisconsin, and the largest solar panel installation in downtown Madison.

RENEW Wisconsin – Madison, WI

For receiving the Renewable Energy Champion Award for their support of renewable energy. As of June 2018, T. Wall Enterprises has put in place more solar capacity than any other developer of multifamily dwellings active in Wisconsin.

Focus on Energy

T. Wall Enterprises was the only partner with Focus on Energy, teaching the team at Focus how to retrofit and install energy efficient equipment in older and new buildings. While other developers were taught by Focus how to install green components, T. Wall Enterprises taught Focus how to do it.

University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI

Terrence Wall, President of T. Wall Enterprises, created the first sustainable real estate development course at a university in the United States.